Video Poker Tournaments at Intertops Casino

Intertops Casino are one of the very few that have video poker tournaments. In fact they have many slots tournaments along with blackjack tournaments. It’s rare that casinos even offer these with video poker being the rarest. At Intertops they have video poker tournaments every week and each week features a different video poker game. The buyins are $2.50 per tournament and the prize pool is $300.

intertops casino tournaments

Players can play these tournaments every week and for other tournament types, the same can be done playing blackjack tournaments too.

The number of slots tournaments hosted at Intertops casino is immense as they have freerolls happening all the time. If you see the Buy in as $0.00 then that is your freeroll right there. Some of the tournaments have prize pools and it’s rare that they have a few where there are pots that contribute.

Intertops Casino is one of a few online casinos that does offer any type of casino tournaments. They have at least gone out of their way to cover slots, blackjack and video poker. This is already on top of their strong signup bonus for new players. They have 2 different casinos with different software and they offer a poker room and sportsbook to cover nearly the full spectrum of online gaming.

The daily slots tournaments feature different slots all the time. They also change when it comes to seasonal promotions like Halloween and Christmas. Christmas will probably have the most popular casino tournaments of the year as most casinos go overboard with tourneys.