SupaJax is a Jacks or Better video poker variation on steroids that players will undoubtedly like. Developed by Microgaming, the game is entertaining as it is easy to get into. It follows the Jacks or Better format but with additions that make it one of the most rewarding and popular video poker games right now. Old and new players alike will also appreciate the fact that Microgaming has ensured that the game’s RNG is fair. So what are the features and payouts that make Supajax worthy of consideration as a great video poker title? If you want to find out then make sure to read on further.

supajax video poker

Features and Payouts

Unlike other video poker games, SupaJax gives its players a single deck of 53 cards to play with instead of 52. The 53rd card is called the Supajax and will only count to a payout when certain requirements are met. Bets range from €1 to as much as €5 per deal. Deals on the other hand, are divided into two halves. The first is when the players receive their initial set of cards (5 in total). At this point, players are given the option to keep or hold the cards for the next half of the deal by clicking on them. Cards that were not held will then be replaced with other cards after the player clicks on the Draw button. To win, the players will need to get a pair of Jacks or Better for their winning hands. The more impressive their winning hand is (straights, flushes, royal flushes), the higher their winnings will be. Outside of the progressive jackpot, the most that a player can win is 3000 Coins (€3000) from a Royal Flush.

Special Features

What makes SupaJax an outstanding game to play though is the Supajax card. As mentioned earlier, the SupaJax card is unique since the only time that it can be used in conjunction with other cards to form a winning hand is when there are 4 Jacks present. Players that bet the maximum Coin amount and get a winning hand that contains 4 Jacks and one Supajax card will instantly win the game’s progressive jackpot that can go upwards of €10000. In addition, the video poker game also has a Double feature that allows players to double their winnings. This feature appears when players get winning hands. Clicking on the Double button will activate a game mode where players are shown five cards. One of these is facing up and is the dealers. The objective of this game mode is to beat the dealer’s card by choosing one that has a higher value among the four cards that are face down. If the players successfully choose higher value cards then they will see their winnings double. They can then opt to double these winnings again or collect them.


Even if you’ve never played Jacks or Better before, you’re still going to love SupaJax. It’s really one of the few video poker titles that’s targeted mainly for beginners. That’s not to say that veterans won’t enjoy it though. As a matter of fact, it has just the right amount of complexity that’s sure to challenge players who fancy themselves as experts in playing video poker titles. There are also sites like that offer guides and strategies for those who’d want to know more about this outstanding video poker game from Microgaming.