Other than the fact that players are only required to have at least a pair of tens to win, there aren’t really that many differences between Microgaming’s Tens or Better and Jacks or Better video poker games. This doesn’t mean that video poker players shouldn’t be paying it any mind though. Much like Jacks or Better, it isn’t complicated and even complete beginners won’t have a hard time getting started playing it. As for its fairness and RNG, players shouldn’t worry because Microgaming ensures that its games pass the strictest quality assurance and fairness standards.

Features and Payouts

Similar to Jacks or Better, Tens or Better only utilizes a single deck consisting of 52 cards. Prior to every deal, players can opt to bet an amount as low as 1.25 credits ($/€ depending on the online casino) to as much as 25 credits. Once an amount is set for their bets, players will then need to press on the deal button. Initially, players will get five cards from the dealer. If any of the cards form a winning hand (a pair of tens or better) then these are automatically held for the second draw. However, players can always opt to drop these held cards (accomplished by clicking on them) if they feel that they’ll have a chance at getting a better hand in the second/final draw. As for payouts, these are determined by the kind of winning hand that a player is dealt with. Pairs get a 1X multiplier while a Royal Flush will result in a 200000 credit/4000 Coin Jackpot (provided the player maxed out his/her bet for that specific deal/hand).

Special Features

Tens or Better also shares the Double/Gamble special feature of the Jacks or Better video poker game. Though this special feature allows the player to exponentially double his/her winnings, it’s also quite risky. If the player has a winning hand at the end of a deal, he/she can then opt to either collect his/her winnings or increase it using the Double feature. In the event that the player chooses the latter, he/she will then be presented with five cards. One of these is facing up and is the dealer’s card. In order to win and double their winnings, the player needs to choose a card that has a higher value than that of the dealer’s among the four that are face down. The caveat here though is that it’s possible that neither of the four cards have a value that’s higher than that of the dealer’s. If the player chooses a lower valued card then his/her winnings for that deal will be forfeited.


Is Microgaming’s Tens or Better worth playing? Without a doubt, yes. The video poker game is essentially easier than Jacks or Better since the requirement for a winning hand is lower (a pair of tens). Beginners will absolutely love the game for how easy it is to learn while veteran video poker players will love the challenge of mastering it. The only issue that players can expect from this game is the fact that they might find themselves playing it for long periods of time because of how challenging and rewarding it can be. Players who are interested in Microgaming’s take on the Tens or Better video poker game can check out online casinos that make use of the company’s casino gaming software. Those who are already playing should also check poggstrategies.com if they want to get the most out of their video poker playing experience.