You can think of Aces and Faces as a variation of the much loved Jacks or Better video poker game but only more rewarding. Much like Jacks or Better, players can expect this game to be easy to pick up yet still present a challenge for those who’d like to master it. Unlike other video poker variations, it places a lot of focus on rewarding players who get winning hands that contain all four Aces or four similar Royalty cards (faces). There are many online casino gaming developers who’ve made their own iteration of this video poker variation but players would undoubtedly cite Microgaming’s version as one of the best.

Features and Payouts

In Microgaming’s version of Aces and Faces, players are only given a single 52-card deck. In a similar fashion to Jacks or Better and other video poker games that they’ve made, the developer gives players the option to change how much they can bet before every deal. Players can opt to play it safe and bet the €.25 minimum or go all out with €25. In order for them to win, players will need to get a winning hand that contains a pair of Jacks or better. Getting four Aces or four similar Royalty Cards (faces) will also give the players 80X and 40X their initial bets respectively. To get the 4000 Coin (€20000) Jackpot, players will need a Royal Flush.

Special Features

Aside from getting higher rewards for getting winning hands that contain either four Aces or four similar face cards, Aces and Faces also has the Double Up special feature. As of now, this is a standard for most Microgaming video poker games and is especially useful for players who want to increase their winnings. When player get a winning hand, they can opt to use this feature by clicking on the Double button. They’re then presented with five cards, one of which is facing up and is the dealer’s. The player will then have to choose one card among the four that are face down. This card needs to have a higher value than that of the dealer’s in order for the player to win. Players can continuously play this feature so long as they keep on winning. If they lose though then they’ll also forfeit the winnings they’ve earned while playing.


Aces and Faces is the ideal video poker title for players who loved Jacks or Better. It has rewarding payouts and it’s actually relatively easy to get into when compared to that of Jacks or Better or even Tens or Better. Like with these other video poker titles though, mastering Aces and Faces will require more than just luck. There is a wealth of guides and strategies available on for players who’d like to increase their chances of winning at this video poker variation. Whether you happen to be playing for fun or playing to win, you’re guaranteed to have a rewarding video poker playing experience with Microgaming’s Aces and Faces.