All American video poker is yet another version of video poker that has become really popular among online casino players. It follows similar rules to that of Tens or Better and Jacks or Better but is actually a little bit more technical than either. Regardless of its difficulty though, it’s still one of the best video poker variations around. Microgaming’s version is particularly great to play for both beginners and experienced casino players thanks to its easy to navigate interface and rewarding payouts. What’s also great about the popular casino gaming developer’s version is that its RNG is guaranteed to be fair.

Features and Payouts

Much like other video poker variants, All American draws cards from only a single 52-card deck. Players have the option to set bets before the start of every deal. The amounts that they can bet will usually start from a low of €.25 to as much as €25. There’s also an option for Max bet that the player can click on if he/she is feeling lucky. After choosing a betting amount, the player can then proceed to clicking on the Deal icon. This will result in him being given 5 random cards by the dealer. After this, the player will then have to choose the card/s that he/she would like to hold on to by clicking on it/them. Once the player has chosen his/her cards, he/she will then need to click on the Draw button to replace the cards that weren’t held. In order to win, the player needs to at least have a pair of Jacks or better in his held cards after the draw. Win multipliers are determined by the player’s winning hand. A pair of Jacks or better as well as two pairs will only result in the player getting back his bet. In order to really win, the player needs to get at least a 3 of a Kind (X3 multiplier, maximum of 15 coins or €75). Lucky players who get a Royal Flush while betting the maximum amount possible are also awarded a jackpot of 4000 coins (€20000).

Special Features

Players will likely love All American’s Gamble/Double feature. After every win, a player is given the option to Collect his winnings or to Double it. Collecting the winnings will allow the player to proceed to a new game. However, clicking on Double will activate another game mode. During this game mode, the dealer will show the player five cards. Out of the five, one is already facing up. This is the dealer’s card. The player will then need to choose a card from the four that are still face down. In order to win the gamble, the player’s card needs to have a higher value than that of the dealers. If it is then the player can choose to collect his doubled winnings or risk doubling it again. In the event that the player loses the gamble though, he’ll end up with his winnings forfeited.


Online casino players who want some respite from playing their favorite video slots should definitely try out Microgaming’s All American. It’s not the easiest variation to win at, but it’s still extremely rewarding. And since this is a Microgaming-developed video slot, players shouldn’t have a hard time looking for it. Most online casinos that use Microgaming software should have it (as well as other video poker titles) on their casino games library. For those who want to get good at playing it, it’s always good to check out expert strategies, tips, and tricks from Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned video poker player, All American is guaranteed to give you outstanding rewards and a fun time.