Anyone would be forgiven if they initially thought that Microgaming’s Poker Pursuit was similar to other video poker titles. In actuality though, its gameplay is a lot closer to traditional Hold’em or 5-Card Stud Poker rather than video poker. Like the traditional poker variations mentioned, this game allows for multiple betting in a single round/deal making it more rewarding for players who actually take time to plan out their bets rather than aggressively raise each time they’re given a chance. Of course, players should have no issues with the game’s fairness and randomness thanks to it being a video poker title developed by Microgaming.

Features & Payouts

Poker Pursuit does not feature any wild cards and is played on a single deck containing only 52 cards. Unlike other video poker variations, betting in this game is very different. Players make initial bets that can go as low as $/€.50 or up to $/€5 prior to starting a deal. Once they’ve clicked on the Deal button, the dealer will give players 3 cards and the option to Raise or Call their bets. Raising their bets will result in the Coin level to increase and the initial bet to double while calling will mean that the bet stays the same. Either way, the dealer will give the players another card as well as the option to Raise or Call their bets again. Provided they also raised during the first time the Raise or Call options were given to them, the players will now find their initial bets tripled and the Coin Level set at to the 3rd and highest level. Those who opted to call won’t see any increase in their initial bets though. What makes this particular type of feature rewarding is the fact that as the players raise their bets, their rewards for getting winning hands also increase. As for the winning hands, the game only requires the players to have at least Tens or Better in order for them to win. If they’re aiming for the 3000 Coin ($/€15000) then they’ll need to make sure that they’re on Coin Level 3 and that they get a Royal Flush as a winning hand.

Special Features

Another feature that makes Poker Pursuit different from other video poker games is its lack of a Double Up feature. This is probably due to the fact that it already has multiple Raise and Bet options within a deal. It still has an Expert Mode though so players who want to sit back and let the game play itself can just use the Auto Play option made available through this mode. In addition, newer players might want to run Auto Play if they want to figure out betting strategies that can help them do better at the game.


If you’re tired of playing video poker titles that feature the same gameplay then it’s high time that you check out what Poker Pursuit has to offer. It’s extremely easy to play and also extremely rewarding for players who play safe. In addition, this video poker title is perfect for players who are looking for video poker games that play similar to more traditional poker variations. Players who might be feeling intimidated with its gameplay can also check out The site has a good amount of information about the game that players can refer to if they want to improve their betting strategies and maximize their chances of winning.