Beginners who are having a hard time choosing a video poker title to play should check out Microgaming’s Joker Poker. This video poker variation features a wild card as well as a couple of special features that are guaranteed to reward players regardless of their skill level. And while it doesn’t really affect gameplay, the video poker game also features great-looking graphics and easy to navigate user interface. Naturally, most players would tend to question any video poker game’s fairness but since this is a Microgaming-developed title then this shouldn’t really be something that they need to be concerned about.

Features & Payouts

Unlike other video poker variants, Joker Poker is actually played with a 53-card deck. The additional card is the Joker and it also serves as the game’s Wild Card. Players get to bet a minimum of $/€.25 (exact currency will depend on the online casino) to as much as $/€25 for every deal. Once they’ve set their bets, players can start the initial phase of the deal by clicking on the Deal button. They’ll be given five cards and what they’ll need to do is to click on the ones that they’d like to keep/hold for the Draw. Once they’re done, they’ll then have to click on the Draw button and the dealer will replace the cards that the player’s didn’t opt to hold/keep. If the players get Kings or Better or Two Pairs in their hand then they’re guaranteed to have won back their bets. In order to win two times the amount they bet, the players will need to have at least a 3 Of A Kind. For the 5000 Coin Jackpot, players will need a Natural Royal Flush and have their bets maxed out.

Special Features

As with other Microgaming video poker titles, Joker Poker has a Double UP feature that can be particularly effective for exponentially increasing a player’s winnings. To use this feature, the player first needs to have a winning hand (Kings or Better). This will then result in the Double button now being clickable. After clicking on this button, the player will be shown five cards, four of which are facing down while the other one is facing up. This card is the dealer’s card and the player will need to choose a card from the four that are face down that has a much higher value in order for him/her to win the Double Up. If the player wins, he/she can opt to play this Double Up feature again or Collect the winnings instead. In addition to the Double Up feature, there’s also an Expert mode which allows players to use Autoplay. Though this is handy for players who want to play while they’re away from the computer, it’s really not advisable to play the video poker game using just this feature.


So is Joker Poker worth your time and money? Yes, it definitely is. There simply aren’t that many video poker titles these days that are as easy to play and equally rewarding. The 5000 Coin Jackpot might put off some players but considering the fact that they can multiply their winnings exponentially through Double Up then this is really just nitpicking. In the event that you do opt to play Joker Poker, make sure that you also check out The site has a wealth of information as well as game trainers who can help players perfect their video poker strategies. Regardless if you use the guides and strategies, you’re still going to have an enjoyable and rewarding time playing this video poker title by Microgaming.