Microgaming’s Double Joker might seem easy at first, but it’s actually one of the most challenging albeit rewarding variations of video poker that you’ll ever get to play. Don’t let its two Wild Cards fool you. Players who aren’t careful and don’t plan out their moves will more often than not find themselves on the losing end of deals. Of course, this isn’t to say that Microgaming made the game harder than their other video poker variations. The online casino gaming software developer has always made sure that its games are also strictly tested for fairness on top of being enjoyable to play.

Features & Payouts

Double Joker is unlike most other video poker variations because its played with a single deck containing 54 cards (instead of 52). The additional cards are two Jokers that also serve as Wild Cards. As for betting, players can bet a minimum of $/€.25 to as much as $/€25 per deal. In order to get back the bet, the player will need to have a hand that contains at least two pairs (as opposed to just a pair of tens or jacks in variations like Jacks or Better or Tens or Better). To help mitigate the high requirements for the payout, players can make use of the Jokers since they can substitute for all other cards to easily form winning hands. Of course, the appearance of the Jokers aren’t guaranteed for every deal which makes playing this video poker game really challenging. In terms of payouts, getting Two Pairs will only result in the player winning back the bet. To win 3x the bet, the player will need to have a Three of a Kind or Better. Getting a Joker Royal Flush and a Natural Royal Flush will also result in the player winning 500 Coins (as much as $/€250) and 4000 Coins (as much as $/€10000) respectively.

Special Features

If you’ve ever played a Microgaming-developed video poker title before, then you’re probably familiar with the Double Up feature. This is a special feature that allows players to increase their winnings and fortunately, its also available for the Double Joker. To activate it, the player will need to get a valid winning hand (Two Pairs or Better) first. If he/she already has a winning hand, the player will then need to click on the Double button. This will prompt the dealer to present the player with five cards. One of these cards is facing up and is the dealer’s card. The player wins the Double Up if he can choose a card with a higher value from the four that are facing down. Due to this being a gamble though, losing against the dealer will also result in the player losing his/her winnings.


Double Joker might be challenging for a video poker title but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not good or rewarding. Its higher requirements for payouts is really the only thing that players need to be concerned about. Those who’ve played other video poker titles should still find it easy to make the most of the cards that they’ll be dealt with in this game as well as maximize their winnings using the Double Up feature. What about players who are new to video poker games? If these players want to play Double Joker then they’d do well to check out poggstrategies.com first. The site has a treasure trove of helpful guides that can help them tackle the challenge of winning in Double Joker (and other video poker titles as well).