All Aces Poker is another video poker title that you ought to play at least once for its simple yet rewarding gameplay. Although it looks similar to other video poker variations developed by Microgaming, this game is actually much easier to get into. The fact that it doesn’t have Wild Cards actually makes its gameplay more distilled and closer to traditional poker. In terms of fairness and security, players need not worry since this is a Microgaming-developed title. The company has made sure its entire selection of casino games (including its video poker titles) have all passed the strictest industry guidelines for fairness.

Features & Payouts

Similar to Jacks or Better and Tens or Better, All Aces Poker is played with single 52-card deck. Bets can go for as little as $/€.25 or as high as $/€25 for every deal. A typical deal starts once the player clicks on the Deal button which would then result in him/her getting dealt with 5 cards by the dealer. The player can then opt to keep/hold the cards by clicking on them or leaving them as is. Cards that weren’t held will then be replaced on the player clicks on the Draw button. Wins are then determined based on the card combination/hand that the player has after the Draw. In order to win back his/her initial bet, the player’s hand should have a pair of Jacks or Better or 2 Pairs. Players who want to win big would need to aim for either 4 Aces (2000 Coins or $/€10000) or a Royal Flush (4000 Coins or $/€20000 when the player’s bet is maxed).

Special Features

Aside from the features mentioned above, All Aces Poker also has a Double Up feature that players can use to further increase their winnings. To use this special feature though, they’ll first need to have a winning hand. Once a deal results in one, the Double and Collect buttons should then be available for them to click on. Clicking on Double will result in the dealer showing the player five cards. One of these cards will be facing up and is the dealer’s. The rest of the cards will be facing down and the player must then choose one out of the four. If the value of the chosen card is higher than that of the dealer’s then the player doubles his winnings. The player can also play the Double again or opt to collect the winnings instead. In the event that the card is of lesser value than that of the dealer’s, the player would have to forfeit his/her winnings and play the normal game again.


All Aces Poker is a must-play not just for people who want to play video poker but also for those who’ve been playing other video poker variations. Its whole interface is easy to navigate and the gameplay is also intuitive. Sure, it doesn’t have Expert Mode/Autoplay like most Microgaming-developed titles but it more than makes up for it with how rewarding it is. In fact, it’s one of the few video poker variations that’s generous in terms of its payouts to winning players. If you did opt to play this video poker title, make sure that you also check out The site offers a lot of information, guides, and strategies that can help players win consistently at All Aces Poker and other video poker games.