New Casino Portal CasinoBonusesNow

If you used to follow CasinoBonusesToday then you might be in for a surprise. The casino portal recently relaunched and is now called CasinoBonusesNow. It wasn’t just the name that changed for the casino portal though. Indeed, the casino portal has leveled up not just in terms of its aesthetics. It now boasts of having improved functionality as well as higher-quality content. Did that pique your interest? If it did then read further to know more about the features and other fun things that you’ll find at CasinoBonusesNow.


Upgraded Aesthetics

Old users who frequented CasinoBonusesToday before would undoubtedly notice how different the casino portal’s new layout is. It’s true that the old design wasn’t that bad. However, that design wasn’t also something that you could write home about either. The new CasinoBonusesNow design though is something else., the company in charge of the re-design, didn’t just give the casino portal a new skin. All the clutter of the old design is now gone and users were now left with the meat of the casino portal’s content. This minimalist approach to the site’s redesign also serves to highlight CasinoBonusesNow’s current focus: providing players with the information they’ll need to choose the best online casino.

casinobonusestoday redesigned

Other changes to the casino portal that serves to reinforce its current focus is in its menus and search filters. Let’s first talk about the menus. The menu items have a column of their own and is easy to find. This is thanks to the decision to place this column on the left hand side of the site. By default, the first entries in the column shows the type of bonuses and promotions that users might be interested. Clicking on these will automatically direct the player/user to a page that lists casinos that have them. On the other hand, users can also opt to use the Game and Bonus Filters to find a casino with the best promotion, bonus, or game that they might be looking for. Regardless of what they’ll use, users should be able to conveniently navigate the whole site.

A Better Mobile Experience

One of the issues with the old CasinoBonusesToday design was the fact that it wasn’t optimized for mobile devices. At the time it came out, people still preferred to access their favorite sites on their desktops/laptops. It’s a different story now though. More and more people now access the internet through their mobile phones. Thanks to the redesign, CasinoBonusesNow is now optimized to deliver a better mobile experience for its users. This means that you won’t have to worry about elements that are out of place or pages that would take ages to load if you access the casino portal using your mobile device.

Better Casino Curation/Recommendations

Arguably the best reason to check out CasinoBonusesNow though is the changes it is trying to implement when it comes to recommending online casinos. Not all online casinos are the same. Yes, there are unscrupulous sites that are only after their players’ money. For this reason, CBN has made sure that it only recommends sites that are reputable. To do so, it makes use of the information found on dispute mediation and online gambling portal, Users are guaranteed that every casino recommendation on CasinoBonusesNow has gone through extensive research and double-checking to ensure that they get only the best casino gaming experience.

Expects Lots Of Additional Features

mobile casinos

Instead of being content with providing just the above-mentioned, CasinoBonusesNow still wants to add more functionality to an already feature-packed casino portal. In the future, users will be able to interact with other users through a player forum. This should allow users to post/share their experiences with the casinos and casino games recommended on the casino portal. Alongside the player forums, the casino portal is also planning to launch blackjack and video poker tournaments. Like the forum, these tournaments would offer another way for users to interact with other users. It even has a section for virtual reality casinos although the section contains 1 casinos at the moment but surely more will come this year and beyond.