Those in search of a video poker game that’s apt for both beginners and veteran players alike would do well to check out Bonus Deuces Wild. Gameplay is essentially the same with Deuces Wild with one of the major changes being that the corresponding rewards for the winning hands. With the deuces acting as wild cards, it’s easier than ever for players to get rewarded for playing the game. Aside from the gameplay, one other thing that remains the same is the video poker game RNG’s fairness and randomness.

Features & Payouts

Similar to Deuces Wild, players are dealt cards from a single 52-card deck. Bets are also made by setting the Coin Value and Coin Level options. Players can bet a minimum of €/$.25 or as much as €/$25 prior to every deal. As with Deuces Wild (and other video poker titles), players can choose to keep/hold any card among the five that they’re dealt after they click on the Deal button. The cards that weren’t held will then be replaced and if the resulting hand yields a 3 of A Kind or better then the player wins the deal. How much the player wins will depend on his/her winning hand. To get back the initial bet, the player will need at least a 3 of A Kind. If the player gets a 4 Deuces w/Ace or the Royal Flush jackpot then he/she stands to receive as much as 2000 Coins (€/$10000) or 5000 Coins (€/$25000) respectively.

Special Features

Another Bonus Deuces Wild feature that many players will find familiar is the Gamble or Double Up feature. This is automatically enabled after the player scores a winning hand. By clicking on the Double Button, the player will be given 5 cards by the dealer. Four of these cards will be facing down while one is going to be facing up. The card that’s facing up is the dealers and the player will need to beat it by choosing a higher value card from the four that are facing down. If the player guessed the higher value card right he/she gets to double his/her winnings as well as play the Double Up/Gamble feature again. Guessing the wrong card though, will result in the player losing all of his winnings.


Should you be playing Bonus Deuces Wild? Definitely. Whether you’ve played Deuces Wild or not, you’re still bound to enjoy Bonus Deuces Wild for its accessible and rewarding gameplay. You really don’t even need to have played any prior video poker titles to understand how this game works. Of course, it’s not as if the game will give you money outright when you play it. Understanding the game is completely different from being good at it. If you want to maximize your time and money while playing Bonus Deuces Wild then make sure to check out the guides and other information (pertaining to this and other video poker titles) available at

Bonus Deuces Wild is a variation of the Deuces Wild video poker game.

Casino Softwares for Bonus Deuces Wild

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